Device Augmented Therapy

Accelerating the pathway to recovery from depression.

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What we do


Depression affects one in seven Australians.

Yet 54% of psychology clinics in Australia have closed their books to new clients, or have waiting times exceeding 3 months (Australian Psychological Society, 2022)


We're enabling device-augmented therapy.

Resonait's medical device can be used outside of the clinic to improve therapy, and ultimately disrupt activation of the brain networks that underlie depression.


Mapping the intrinsic structure of brain network dynamics

Large-scale cortical networks are organized in structured cycles

van Es et al. (2023)


Using AI to predict brain network dynamics

Mixtures of large-scale dynamic functional brain network modes

Gohil et al. (2022)


The brain’s default mode network and its role in cognition

Replay bursts in humans coincide with activation of the default mode and parietal alpha networks

Higgins et al. (2020)


Downregulating the default mode network using brain stimulation therapy

Default Mode Network Mechanisms of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Depression

Liston et al. (2014)

Biological Psychiatry

Modulating the default mode network using neurofeedback

The real-time fMRI neurofeedback based stratification of Default Network Regulation Neuroimaging data repository

McDonald et al. (2022)


About Us

Cameron Higgins

Founder, Oxford Neuroscientist

We're bringing together a team of researchers, engineers, and clinicians.

Having started in 2022, Cam has been building the team and running studies, working with mental health and research institutions like the Black Dog Institute, CSIRO, and Oxford University.


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